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Dr. Joe Cohen
Dr. Joe CohenPhysician
Dr. Cohen ventured into the practice of functional medicine after returning from New Zealand in 2009.

Dr. Joe Cohen

After having completed his residency training at a Yale affiliated hospital in CT, Dr. Cohen practiced as a specialist in women’s health for over 30 years.  During that time, he introduced functional medicine to his patients, therefore focusing on positive nutrition and lifestyle choices while eliminating triggers that were at the root cause of disease.

After returning from New Zealand in 2009, Dr. Cohen offered functional medicine to his patients to assist them in the healing process and to help reduce the need for potentially dangerous medications.  While seeing a full spectrum of medical conditions, he developed an interest in preventing and treating neuro-degenerative disease such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.  He has trained with the renowned neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen (“The End of Alzheimer’s”) and, with assistance from a team of medical professionals, is offering this comprehensive program to his patients.